Installing the Firefox Add-on

System Requirements

In order to be able to install the add-on, you will need the latest version of the browser Mozilla Firefox and Java (from Oracle) installed on your system.

Mozilla Firefox

You will need to install the latest version (version 3.6 or higher) of the Mozilla Firefox browser. You can find out your browser's version in the menu bar beneath „Help“ → „About Firefox“. If you have an older version, then please update your browser to the latest version. This link leads you to the Firefox download page.


You need the latest Java version installed on your system (version 1.6.10 or higher). You can find out which version is presently installed on your system by clicking on this link Check Java version. If your system has a version less than 1.6.10, then please upgrade following the instructions you will find on this website. If Java is not installed at all on your system, then please download and install Java from this url Download Java.

Installation Steps

In order to install the CROKODIL add-on in your Firefox Browser, open the link you have been sent for example per email. Or if you have been sent the add-on per email, then open the file attached to the email. The following pop-up window should show up as shown below. Click on „Install Now“. Alternatively, you can save the file onto your computer and then drag-and-drop this file onto an open browser window. This same pop-up window should then automatically open up. Finally, you need to restart your browser.

Install add-on

After restarting your browser, the following window will pop up. Check the box and click on ok.

The add-on will then ask for your login data. If no such window pops up, then minimize your browser window, perhaps the pop-up window is hidden behind other open windows. After installing the add-on, you will find CROKODIL in your browser's menu bar. To hide or show the add-on in the link sidebar of your browser, click on „Seitenleiste sichtbar“.

Please note: Firefox 4 does not show a menu bar. In order to show the menu bar, click on „Firefox“ → Settings → Menu bar in the uppermost left corner of the browser.

You can deactivate the CROKODIL add-on in „Tools“ → „Add-ons“ → „Disable“. This way, you can disable the add-on temporarily without de-installing it. The java login window will no longer pop-up when the add-on is disabled. You can re-enable the add-on anytime.

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